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M621 Changelog

New in version 3.11:
+ Fixed samples/divider caption in roll mode.
+ Fixed digital filter value updating on timebase change.

New in version 3.10:
+ Fixed initialization problem after installation.

New in version 3.09:
+ Fixed problem with full memory displaying with Sweep turned on.

New in version 3.07:
+ Fixed problems in manual roll-mode.
+ Fixed rollmode file description documentation.
+ Fixed appliaction starting in Demo mode. Bug 485.
+ Fixed X->Y mode showing. Bug 803.

New in version 3.06:
+ Fixed waveform painting when FFT is turned on.
+ Rigth-doubleclick now sets the vertical cursors to signal periode.
+ Fixed BeamFinder function.
+ Changed f(x)=A + B and f(x)=A - B functions result showing.
+ Changed scroll bar character. Added 'Start', 'End' pop-up menu functions.
+ Fixed channel A fine shift centering.
+ Changed waveform filename length.