July 23, 2018

M631 Changelog

New in version 1.10
+ fixed bug in "Import from ASCII" function, which caused application to set shift and level wrongly
New in version 1.09
+ added support for M520 data file format
+ fixed channel B horizontal cursor information
+ fixed information about vpp in import mode
New in version 1.08
+ improved single shot mode (removed generation of more than one period)
+ fixed bug preventing to run software in some specific cases
New in version 1.07
+ fixed minor bug regarding channel controls
New in version 1.06
+ fixed minor bug in "gallery screen"
New in version 1.05
+ changed decimal separator to "."
New in version 1.04
+ changed version format to y.xx
+ changed references to ETC s.r.o.
New in version 1.03
+ added driver version check
+ added import from ASCII file (chapter 1.0 in this file)
+ added pop-up explanations to controls
+ renamed "Import from M621 mode" to "Import mode"
+ added ability to save imported waveform in binary form (chapter 2.0 in this file)
+ added ability to open readme directly from application
New in version 1.02
+ added information about version of used driver
+ fixed minor bug in printing management
New in version 1.01
+ fixed minor bug in trigger system
+ added support for EC602 USB Adapter