November 25, 2020
  • The kit for power system measurements

    The kit for power system measurements is designed to meet requirements for measuring on power systems. The oscilloscope probes with 1:100 attenuation can measure voltages up to 2kV. They provide (together with oscilloscope isolated inputs) necessary tools for comfortable measurements of the power systems (shape of the waveform, harmonic analysis ...). Read More
  • EA500-0 Control panel for USB oscilloscopes

    Controls all important settings Controlling the oscilloscope by mouse or keyboard is still available Connects to computer via USB No other power supply is necessary The compact size and simple data transfer and storage of an USB oscilloscope could be an important advantage when using a computer or notebook as the basic tool. Especially if you work outside the laboratory, you may not have enough space for notebook and for comfortable mouse manipulation. Read More
  • Differential probe EA133

    Switchable attenuation 1:10 / 1:100 Gain error < 1 % Operating common mode voltage +- 1000V Maximum input voltage +- 1200V Powered from battery or wall adapter Compatible with all standard oscilloscopes The EA133 Differential Probe is an auxiliary device to any osciloscope. It can be connected to any of the measuring channels and is powered from a standard 9V internal battery or a wall adapter, which is part of the package. Read More
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The M526 is a USB 150 MHz oscilloscope with sampling rate of 200MS/s (20GS/s), Spectrum analyzer to 100 MHz and Data recorder with record length limited only by hard drive capacity of the host computer. It is covered by 24 months waranty.

More information here.