June 03, 2023

M611 Logic Analyzer

  • 32 channel logic analyzer
  • sampling rate up to 100MHz
  • length of record 524280 of 32-bit words.
  • software for measuring and later data analysis
  • connected to PC via parallel port (EPP) or USB

The ETC M611 Logic analyzer is a package, which will together with PC create 32 channel logic analyzer with sampling rate up to 100MHz. Maximum length of record is 524280 of 32-bit words.

The M611 Logic analyzer operates in two modes:

  1. Time analysis mode. This mode uses internal clock source. It is possible to use 32 channels in this mode.
  2. State analysis mode. This mode uses external clock source (clock rate max. 50MHz). One channel is used as a clock source and one as a source of arm signal.

Every bit of trigger word can be set to 0, 1 or X (bit has no effect), while triggering from internal source. Rise or fall of trigger word can starts data acquisition. The synchro pulse is generated as the data acquisition starts. Data acquisition can start on leading or trailing edge of external (TTL or 3.3V compatible) signal, while triggering from external source.

Number of samples acquired after trigger can be set from 8 to 524280 words in the step of 8 words. The total amount of acquired data (before and after trigger) can be 524280 words. Number of trigger events required to start acquisition can be set from 1 to 65535.

The signals are connected to analyzer via probes. Eight signals are connected through one probe. It is possible to change probe threshold voltage (depending on probe type). The basic package contains four EA111 probes. These probes allow to set threshold voltage to CMOS 3.3V, CMOS 5V or TTL. Delay of these probes is less than 10ns.


The basic package of M611 contains software, which creates virtual analyzer on the computer's screen and allows easy manipulation with all controls by mouse.

To make work with analyzer as comfortable as possible, you can group specified signals to bus, assign name to signals. The infinite amount of cursors is available for time measurement.

It is possible to store acquired data for later analysis.

Printing management allows you to print analyzer screen and settings. The layout of the page can be selected and saved for future use.

The minimum computer requirements are:
 PC486 compatible computer, 16MB RAM, CD-ROM, VGA with 800 x 600 resolution, EPP V1.9 or EPP + ECP parallel port or USB port (using EC602 adapter - now part of the package), mouse or other tracking device, 10MB of free space on hard drive, suitable operating system (MS Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10). Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 with using EC602 USB adapter only. The USB adapter is part of the package.
However we do recommend minimum requirements plus:
PC PENTIUM compatible computer with speed of 400MHz, 64MB RAM, VGA with 1024x768 resolution, mouse with wheel.

The extension of M611 basic package - software M611 Development Kit. M611 Development Kit allows you to create your own application using the M611 hardware.

M611 screen

Connection to PC (EPP)

The ETC M611 Logic analyzer belongs to the ETC Measuring Lab II (EML II) family. It is connected to PC via parallel port (LPT) working in EPP mode (ver. 1.9) or EPP+ECP. It is possible to connect up to 15 devices of the EML II family while a possibility to connect a printer persists. The M611 is produced in external modification (M631/E) only. Therefore it is a stand-alone device connected to PC via standard parallel cable with its own power adaptor.

USB Adaptor

The EC602 USB adapter offers ability to connect up to 15 devices of ETC Measuring Lab II (EML II) family. Adapter is connected to PC via USB, and its output is connected to EML II device. This solution enables all users of EML II family to connect their devices either via EPP or via USB.

Drivers for operating systems Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are part of supply.