September 19, 2021

M774 Performance Characteristics

Vertical deflection system

No of divisions 8
No of pixels per division 32
Deflection factor range 10mV/div to 5V/div in 1-2-5 sequence
Accuracy +- 2% of current value + 1 pixel
Resolution 8 bits (0,39%)
Frequency response (-3dB) DC: 0-150 MHz, AC: 1.2 Hz-150 MHz
Step response rise time max. 2.4 ns
Channel isolation min. –60 dB
Resistance 1 MOhm +5 %, -2 %
Input resistance inaccuracy adjustment Digital for absolute accuracy +- 2% of current voltage + 1 pixel
Capacitance 28 pF +- 2pF
Zero setting accuracy +- 2% of the screen
Maximum input voltage +- 200V at 100 kHz or less


System type Dual level
Trigger source for primary level selectable Channel A, Channel B or external trigger input
Trigger source for secondary level selectable Channel A, Channel B or external trigger input
Threshold setting Channel A and Channel B on the whole display range. External fixed on about 1.5V
Slope selection Leading or trailing edge independently on each source
Minimum trigger pulse period 5 ns
Minimum trigger pulse length 2.5 ns
Maximum voltage on external trigger input –10V to +13V at 20 kHz or less
Adjustments Digital filter with ability of setting the valid pulse length up to 131072*Ts for each level and counter of valid triggering events settable from 1 to 32768 for each level. HOLD-OFF settable up to 1048576*Ts with selectable AUTO mode, to sample proper amount of data before trigger. (Ts – actual real time sampling period)

Data acquisition system

No of divisions 10
No of pixels per division 50
Mode of operation Sampling before and after trigger with continual selection of the trigger position
Record length settable from 1024 to 1048576 (1M) samples for each channel
Time base range in 1:1 mode 5 ns/d to 100 ms/d in 1-2-5 sequence
Time base range using different ZOOM modes 625 ps/d to 204.8 s/d
Time base accuracy 0.01 % to 100ns/d, 0.5 % for 50ns/d to 5 ns/d
Real time sampling frequency 1kHz to 100 MHz
Equivalent sampling frequency 1kHz to 10 GHz
Display range with respect to trigger event 1048576 samples before and 1048576 samples after trig. event in length of 1048576 samples

Probe compensation generator

Output connector BNC, together with External trigger input
Output impedance 1 kOhm to parallel with 10nF and approx. 50 Ohm serial
Output waveform Pulse with 1:1 duty cycle
Frequency 1465 Hz
Output voltage (no load) 3.3V +- 5%


Power source USB interface via USB cable (power ground isolated from ground of measuring inputs)
Max current 470 mA

Insulation specification

Maximum working voltage 500Vp while the voltage [V] * frequency [Hz] factor must not exceed 50000 [V Hz]
Resistance > 2 GOhm
Capacitance approx. 150pF

Mechanical characteristics

Dimensions without feet and connectors 165 x 111 x 35 mm
Dimensions with feet and connectors 182 x 111 x 39 mm
Weight 550 g