June 22, 2024
  • The kit for power system measurements

    The kit for power system measurements is designed to meet requirements for measuring on power systems. The oscilloscope probes with 1:100 attenuation can measure voltages up to 2kV. They provide (together with oscilloscope isolated inputs) necessary tools for comfortable measurements of the power systems (shape of the waveform, harmonic analysis ...). Read More
  • EA500-0 Control panel for USB oscilloscopes

    Controls all important settings Controlling the oscilloscope by mouse or keyboard is still available Connects to computer via USB No other power supply is necessary The compact size and simple data transfer and storage of an USB oscilloscope could be an important advantage when using a computer or notebook as the basic tool. Especially if you work outside the laboratory, you may not have enough space for notebook and for comfortable mouse manipulation. Read More
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Our Company

ETC s.r.o. is focused on design and production of electronic devices mostly in the field of measuring, testing, controlling and computers. We also design software and firmware. The company was founded on 1st January, 1996.

The activities of the ETC company can be divided into two groups:

  1. development, manufacturing and sale of PC based measuring devices of our own design
  2. design, development and, optionally, production of devices according to customers' specifications. The devices in concern are especially control computers, communication computers, special adds-ons, OEM and embedded devices.

The company cooperates closely with The University of Zilina. It uses advanced technologies and parts in designing and manufacturing process. Digital logic is mostly implemented by the FPGAs and CPLDs. The Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is widely utilized in the production process.


  • Consultancy on formulation of the most suitable solution
  • Preparation of a project and detailed task specification
  • Development of software and hardware (including firmware)
  • Development and production of hardware and software necessary for serial production
  • Creation of blueprints for production and writing user's guide
  • Production of prototypes and testing series
  • Mass production


Products of ETC s.r.o. are exported worldwide. ETC s.r.o. has distributors in several countries that supply their regions regularly. All ETC products are CE certified.